Sunday, September 28, 2008

Made it to Hawai'i

I flew into Kona on Friday night, stayed at a hostel, then caught the bus at 6:30am to go to Hilo on the other side of the island. Sure, they have flights straight to Hilo, but I figured the $500 I saved flying into Kona could be better spent on other things (like food..... wow is that expensive!). I met another intern in Hilo, did my grocery shopping for the week, then headed to the park.
I am sharing a house with the other ant interns (there are three of us) and next door are the "Turtles" (the turtle monitoring volunteers), and down the road are some bat folks, bug folks, Lava house, veg people, and so on. It is a mini subdivision of science nerds!
As promised, I am taking pictures and I might even post them at some later time. Work starts on Monday, at which time I will have lots to talk about, but likely be too busy to do so.
And, speaking of busy, I have a hammock to go hang up and take a nap in...

Friday, September 12, 2008

a website!

I now have a website for those nerdy herpetology cartoons I spent most of my physics class drawing.  I am learning html.......