Friday, May 7, 2010

It's getting lizardy, but maybe that's just spring

If I wasn't feeling like my usual inordinately lazy self I would split this into two posts, and include some complete sentences on the shenanigans associated with these photos. I might have even spellchecked. I didn't. So here are some photos comprising the last two weeks: hiking adventures in the needles district of Canyonlands and then a San Juan river trip from Shiprock to Montezuma Creek.

The work photos go first.

First day on the river. Technically we didn't even make it on the river. After leaving Moab at 5 am and driving through snow, sleet, and hail to reach Shiprock, New Mexico and the rest of the river crew the bosses decided the weather was too bad to work in. It wasn't the snow/rain that did it. It was the wind. We still work in the snow.

Freezing river fashion

Oh, you have got to be kidding! That looks like another storm! I repent for burning all those peeps on Easter, just bring back the sun.

That's a razorback sucker, one of the endangered species we get to play with. Yeah, the pictures a little out of focus, but I couldn't feel my fingers.

Kokepelli (I think) hanging out with a gallery of other petroglyphs in the canyon above our first campsite.

Now, jumping back in time, to my canyonlands hiking trip. There was more sun, but it was also so windy that my tent blew out of the campsite. We returned at the end of our 11 mile hike to find it held down by rocks (thank you to whoever caught and tethered it)

It's a lizard! The weather has turned quite lizardy out here. This is embarrassing, but I an not really sure what this one is. I want to call it an ornate tree lizard (Urosaurus), but it could just be a side blotch and I missed the blotch. It ran away after I shoved the camera in its face.

I'm trying to learn all my desert flowers (since I seem to be failing on lizards, at least the flowers don't run away from me), but haven't got a clue as to what this is. A beer to anyone who can id it.

Common Paintbrush

Newspaper rock, on the road to the Needles district.

Claretcup. Cool trivia: the genus name Echinocereus comes from the Greek word echinos, hedgehog.

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Neal said...

I was thinking about camping out this weekend, but with 50-knot wind forecasts, I don't want to end up having my tent blown away like yours was. Maybe I'll sit by the fire with hot cocoa instead.

Great flower pictures, by the way. You get to see colors that don't exist in nature here.